César Manrique: Lanzarote’s most influential son

Casa Tahiche and Finca La Picolisima are both only a 10-12-minute walk from the two of the most popular cultural attractions in Lanzarote. The Fundacion César Manrique (Tahiche) and the Casa Museo (Haría) stylishly house marvellous art collections and tell the tale of Lanzarote’s most famous and influential son.

2019 marks the centenary of César Manrique; an artist with an extraordinary vision who was able to an undistinguished arid island into a celebrated destination. Visiting the Fundación with its serene subterranean lava bubbles and tender study of local architecture offers a keen insight into the character of a vivacious and spirited individual with a remarkable respect for the traditions and identity of his homeland.

Fundación César Manrique

He believed that the role of the artist was not just as an interpreter of the landscape, but by appreciating and helping communicate the essential ways in which man lived with and from the

landscape, could and should extend to stewardship. He became Lanzarote’s greatest defender, forging the island’s cultural identity and transmitting her inherent beauty through art, studies and magnificent reframing of the landscape’s most iconic geological structures.

Beyond the Fundación and the Casa Museo, Manrique’s influence can be seen in the low rise, homogenously painted white houses with the colour-codes doors and window frames (green/brown for inland with a blue option for coastal properties); the island’s respect for agricultural traditions, local flora and urban planning and of course the awe-inspiring monuments to Lanzarote’s geology with must-see visits such as the Cueva de los Verdes, Jameos de Agua and the Timanfaya National Park.

To learn more, visit fcmanrique.org or www.cactlanzarote.com

Timanfaya Nationalpark

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